An image of a coconut used in making flavoured coconut oilsMy wonderful web designer, Abe from Coastal Webmasters, insists that I need an essay on the benefits and history of coconut oil. However, after spending hours on the internet researching the history, benefits and dangers of Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Coconut oil, I have decided I will not plagiarize the research performed by others. Although I normally have no qualms about plagiarism (I have often declared it to be my best friend), I cannot pretend to be an expert in this field. I could pick and choose the items I want you to believe, but that wouldn’t be fair to you.


I KNOW that my flavoured oils taste great.
I KNOW that the moisturizers make my skin look fabulous.
I KNOW it makes a great shave cream, hair treatment and sunscreen.
I KNOW because I use it.

I am not a scientist, therefore I do NOT know if it helps to lose weight, prevent dementia, ease arthritis and soothe eczema, etc , as I have frequently seen claimed.

Instead of rearranging someone else’s words, I offer these google searches:

The history and origins of coconut oil
The benefits of coconut oil
Are there any dangers using coconut oil

I hope you try it and come to your own conclusions.