An image of a coconut used in making flavoured coconut oilsWelcome to SilverLace Creek website!

Our goal is to provide natural and healthy coconut oil products for a reasonable price.

Early in 2015, I was experimenting with spoonfuls of coconut oil in an attempt to lose weight. My metabolism had slowed considerably but still the pounds kept coming! I really didn’t like the lack of flavour in the oil and wondered if I could buy a flavoured oil. To my great surprise and dismay, I could not find a flavoured coconut oil other than garlic or herb. Not what I wanted to eat by the spoonful! I experimented with a few flavours. Some were awful (you can’t mix oil with jam), some were great, but not particularly healthy and some made me ill. The honey and cinnamon flavoured coconut oil was my first triumph! Other flavours followed as I found ingredients that would actually mix with the coconut oil.

This is where I actually discovered why I couldn’t find any good flavoured coconut oil on the market. At high temperatures, it melts and separates. I am not fazed by this, however. The product is healthy and tastes great. If care is taken not to overheat it, it works great. I am still looking for a natural stabilizer. Until then, please follow storage directions.

We turned the ‘man cave’ into a certified kitchen, which I will never hear the end of. These products are literally from my home to yours!

About the company name:

SilverLace Creek is a magical place with a creek, waterfalls and meadow full of playing puppies and dancing butterflies. It is where I go when I am trying to sleep and my brain won’t shut down. It’s my happy place. You won’t find it on any map, however you are welcome to close your eyes and come visit any time!